Open Price : 31.49
Quoted Price : 31
Last transaction : 2021-01-15
Open Price : 2,901.01
Quoted Price : 3,100
Last transaction : 2021-01-15
Open Price : 350,000
Quoted Price : 350,000
Last transaction : 2021-01-13
Open Price : 3,989
Quoted Price : 3,800
Last transaction : 2021-01-15
Open Price : 7,000.03
Quoted Price : 7,000.03
Last transaction : 2021-01-15
Open Price : 15.99
Quoted Price : 14.9
Last transaction : 2021-01-15
Open Price : 10
Quoted Price : 10
Last transaction : 2021-01-14
Open Price : 8,000
Quoted Price : 8,000
Last transaction : 2021-01-15
Open Price : 3,250
Quoted Price : 3,250
Last transaction : 2021-01-14
Open Price : 0.22
Quoted Price : 0.22
Last transaction : 2021-01-15

Structural units

Department of analysis

Head of the department: Madaminov Azamat Yusupbaevich

Main goals:

  • Collection and processing of information on the activities of the Exchange, investment institutions registered on the Exchange, as well as information on the stock market of other countries.
  • Qualitative maintenance of the electronic database on the conducted trading sessions and its regular replenishment.
  • Information and statistical support of management, the Exchange subdivisions, interested structures and departments with information and analytical materials on the conducted trading sessions at the Exchange.
  • Conducting analytical and statistical research on the stock market and investment institutions, followed by the development of graphical-digital and statistical indicators.
  • Organization of preparation of analytical materials, speeches of the Exchange experts in the mass media.
  • Preparation of analytical reviews, monthly bulletins on the activities of the Exchange for the current calendar period for posting on the Exchange official site.
  • Definition of priority directions of development of the Exchange on the basis of studying and analysis of the securities market.
  • Development of recommendations for increasing the turnover of exchange trades.
  • Development of recommendations for improving the efficiency of the stock exchange.
  • Development of a strategy for further development of the exchange for the medium-term period to introduce new financial instruments and mechanisms for additional attraction of new participants to the stock market.
  • Identification of key factors affecting the level of development of the stock market and assessment of regulatory and legal regulation of the stock market
  • Analysis of the activities of infrastructure participants in the exchange, analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the stock market, as well as assessment of possible risks and development potential
  • Development of investment projects
  • Development of draft long-term development plans for the Exchange.
  • Conducting a unified Exchange policy in the field of developing and improving the standards of exchange activities, bringing them closer to the world.
  • Development of projects for introducing international practice of securities circulation on the Uzbek market

Phone number: +998 71 267-11-39